DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?We think that the stage magician has suffered just a bit of an unfair stereotype.
They're called creepy, weird, and—probably worst of all—hacks!
But, aren't they also the folks who manage to completely knock our socks off by sometimes literally stealing our socks right off our feet? Aren't they the ones that can snap their fingers and make us forget that the magic of our favorite fantasy worlds is otherwise restricted to the realm of fiction? It's time to remind the world that we all want to believe in magic and that it is the magician that makes it possible to continue to believe.
Sure, we know that it's probably just sleight of hand or a trick of deception...
but isn't the point that for a brief moment, we're staring wide-eyed and thinking that this cute character in a flowing black and red cloak just actually channeled ancient secrets through their wand and has the ability to conjure cute animals and money at will? DESIGN & DETAILSIf costumes can do anything, it's that they let us become something amazing.
So, what could be better for your aspiring kiddo than the role of a Magician with this deluxe costume.
It is crafted in-house by our own team of dedicated believers otherwise known as our costume design team.
It includes a pair of elastic waistband pants, a double-breasted vest that features a functional layer of buttons and another for decoration), and a long tailcoat with a satin lapel.
All feature a black and red color scheme which, along with the sublimated inner lining of the shoulder cape, looks truly magical.
Finish off the look with a bright bowtie and your kiddo is ready to shout out some serious abracadabra spells! IT'S SHOWTIME!When your tyke dons the cape and gives a bow, you know it is time to see some real magic.
Even if it is just the big smile your kid is going to have when they slide into this Magician costume, we're sure you'll find your kiddo is going to magically make everyone else wear the same smile, too! 

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