Cemetary SentimentsDay of the Dead is all about a celebration of the life of people who have passed on.
That's why people celebrating the holiday put up altars displaying pictures of those who have died before them, long ago, within their family.
They pair the pictures with flowers and the favorite food and drink that those souls liked on this earthly plane, and honor their memory by reminiscing and celebrating their life.
Because it's said that during this time of year souls can pass through the veil more easily, everyone gets together and turns sadness into a celebration.
Those who celebrate Dio de Los Muertos welcome their deceased ancestors to stay and visit for a while, a beautiful sentiment if you ask us!Details & DesignThis brightly colored sombrero will top off any Day of the Dead look in a gorgeous way.
The wide-rimmed black hat has embroidered blue and pink skulls around the rim.
The bright embroidered roses will make the hat stand out and match the red accents of your ensemble.
As it's Made by Us, you can be sure this hat is high quality enough to be brought out for many Day of the Dead parties to come!

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