The One that Almost Got AwayThe size was unimaginable!
Why, it must have been twice as long as my boat.
It weighed over a thousand pounds.
This was no ordinary fish mind you.
This was the big one.
Billy the Bigmouth!
The terror of the Lake Superior…My rod looked like it was going to snap in half as it struggled to contain him.
I battled the beast for hours.
No, days!
Maybe even weeks!
Crank by crank, I wore that aquatic monster down and forced him into submission.
Just as I was about to reel him into my vessel… I looked into his eyes and he looked at mine.
Then, something inconceivable happened.
The fish opened his mouth and started to sing “Take Me to the River”.
I couldn’t believe my ears.
He was a wonder of nature!
I almost couldn’t bear to reel him in!So, did you let him go?Nah, I never liked Al Green too much.
I’ve always been more of a Bill Withers fan.
I had the fish mounted on the wall in my den…Design & DetailsNow you can regale your friends and family with the story of how you caught the largest, or most talented, fish known to man!
This Fisherman costume was crafted by our costume designers, who never let a fish get away.
It comes with everything you need to look like an experienced fisherman.
It comes with the bright yellow jacket, worn by many a famous fisherman.
It buttons with snaps in front.
It also comes with the blue and white striped shirt.
The hat is a matching yellow and fits on your head to complete the look.Retell the TaleOf course, if you plan on telling the tale of your legendary battle with a fish, then you’ll want to accessorize with one of our toy pipe accessories.
After all, nothing makes a daring tale official like a pipe in your hand!

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