The opportunity to serve the most brilliant or mighty being in the world certainly has some perks.
There is the chance for gaining your own power—perhaps making use of some of that fancy tech or quaffing a potion that might bolster your own burgeoning brilliance.
Travel is certainly up there, as no minion is likely to hang at the base the entire time.
There are missions to be done, after all!
But, most minions join up with a powerful archvillain for protection.
Hard to get in too much trouble with the safety and security of a base… so long as your boss isn’t too… evil.But, the most famous of minions aren’t really in league with a villain of true wickedness, anyway, and even seem to rise up a bit on their own.
Taking on a few of their own adventures—even appearing infamously more frequently than their boss!
Fortunately, Gru doesn’t seem to be all together bothered by the fact that his little yellow buddies have taken center stage on both stage and (computer) screen.So, stepping up as one of the few Female Minions in Gru’s crew isn’t even exactly a position of servitude.
It is one of celebration!
Join the team with this blue denim dress with shoulder straps and keenly printed stitching.
Jersey knit gloves and matching black knee socks make up the rest of the base outfit… but the shining silver plastic goggles and their elastic band mark you as the chief minion!
Available in multiple sizes in case you’d like to join up with the rest of Gru’s crew… or even Gru, himself!

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