One of the SupremesWant to attend a concert that'll educate you about our judicial system as well as let you let loose to some classic fifties music? Well, you're going to want to snap up some tickets to the next tour of the Supreme Court Judys.
Their newest hits include songs such as Justice, Love and I Hear a Landmark Case.
You'll love hearing the singers harmonies all while growing more aware of the laws of our nation.
The best part, you don't have to wait around for costume changes as these harmonic singers are wearing their judge robes the whole time!
Pretty impressive if you ask us!Product DetailsThis strict looking costume will make everyone serve up respect as soon as you enter the room.
This black robe zips up the front with a wide V-neck at the top.
It has wide sleeves and a slit up the front to make walking and dancing nice and easy.
The look is topped with a wide lace collar to give your strict look a unique flair. 

Ooh, that SmartsSometimes the people around you are just begging to be judged.
When you're wearing this ensemble, you'll finally have the authority to dole out what your friends were asking for.
So when you see your roommate sleeping until 1 in the afternoon, show up in their bedroom wearing your judge robes with one eyebrow raised to your hairline.
Or when your friends have spent four hours watching bad reality TV reruns instead of entertaining you, leave the room and reenter as your judgemental persona.
We're betting it'll work every time.
Or it'll entertain you, at least.
Want a costume that'll make you feel smart while still looking stunning? Step up to the bar and look to the courts for a final fashion ruling!

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