Not All Who Wonder Are LostWonderland is full of cool costumes.
Every character seems to be saturated with color.
From the lowly back characters like the Dormouse and Mad Hatter to the mighty matriarch, the Red Queen, everyone has style.
But there's one thing missing in this dreamscape...
The White Rabbit is really the only one who seems to keep tabs on time.
Reality is always getting a little distorted in this underground land.
And while that might be all well and good if it's always time for tea, it's nice to have a way to keep track of your belongings while exploring this strange and twisted world.
Because while you might have fun arguing with a hookah-smoking caterpillar, you'll need to keep track of your cellphone to take selfies with the Red Queen before you get back to reality!Details & DesignWhether you're dressing as Alice or the White Rabbit, this Made by US sparkling gold purse is the perfect bag to take to Wonderland.
The front of the purse features a watch face and an illustration of the White Rabbit.
The thick main pocket can easily fit your cell phone and wallet so you don't need to interrupt your look.
The gold chain strap comfortably fits over your should so you can keep hold of it even if you're busy falling down a rabbit hole. 

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