No Ordinary Life Are you opinionated, handsome, and love to party hard? Are you completely unafraid of danger, walking on the wild side day in and day out? We have the perfect job for you!
From birth, you were destined to train wild animals – feeding them, teaching them, and avoiding swipes from their powerful claws.
What others consider terrifying, you consider a normal day, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world!
You definitely need to look the part for your epic job.
An occupation this incredible needs a uniform with the right amount of swagger.
May we suggest an outfit that gives a nod to both your furry friends and your colorful personality? Show the world your true stripes!Product Details You’ll rock the zoo in this Men’s Tiger Trainer Costume!
The 100 percent polyester jacket is striped with shiny black and gold to look like tiger fur.
Some people might consider it a little gaudy, but it just matches your larger-than-life personality!
It comes with a stylin’ baseball-style cap with an attached mullet, because if you’re wearing a jacket that loud, your hairstyle definitely needs to match.
Pair it with your favorite work jeans and some sturdy boots, but make sure you’re comfortable – you might need to get out of the way fast!9 to 5 Is OverratedNo office job for you!
You were born for glory and adventure.
Others might consider your lifestyle a little crazy, but don’t worry about that.
They’re just jealous of how incredible you look.

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