Day to day life can go through some dull patches.
It's just the way it goes when you do the same things over and over again.
Don't let your guard down too much though, because according to those grisly documentaries we've been watching, crazed psycho killers always strike when their victims least expect it.
We just don't know how the camera crew was able to get such up close footage without getting caught.
What do you mean, "Those are just movies"? Okay, we'll agree to disagree (for now).
Our original point was that when you are going through one of life's dull patches, we recommend setting up this Machete Killer Shower Curtain in your bathroom.
It'll keep you on your toes whenever you walk into your bathroom, and suddenly you think there is a blade-wielding escapee of a haunted insane asylum waiting for you!
Your reflexes will stay as sharp as that machete looks.
Plus, you know, it'll keep the floor from getting wet, which is also nice.

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