Like You and MeYou know, skeletons get a bad rap sometimes.
What's with all the horror fuss? We all have one.
While it can be fun to shriek and gasp at gruesome skeletons in TV shows and movies, our own skeletons just want to be normal, like us.
At least, that's what we think they'd say!
If you're looking for a more friendly take on an undead skeleton, then this Animated Skeleton with Guitar Decoration might be just the piece you need.
He's not here to cause trouble; he just wants to play a song for you! Product DetailsThis skeleton is from the country, and he comes decked out in gear from where he hails.
He's not wearing any clothes, but he is carrying his most prized possession, a guitar.
The reason this guy is undead is that he just can't stop playing his favorite tunes!
And yes, this figurine is animated, so if you're lucky, he might strum a little ditty for you.
Who knows what it will be? Only one way to find out!

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