This Won't Hurt a BitWe all know that nurses have a reputation for underestimating just how bad that shot is going to hurt.
They'll take out a five-inch-long syringe full of a lime green liquid, smile, and say, this will pinch a little.
We can't really blame them.
They have to do all the uncomfortable work from taking blood to telling their patients just how many pounds they put on over the holidays.We bet most nurses wouldn't mind taking a break from the "this won't hurt" farce".
It would be fun to tell their patients to get ready and toughen up cause this blood work is going to be crazy.
Actually, with everything nurses go through, we should be grateful nurses don't show up dressed like this.
There's no way this nurse is going to lie about the pain the people in her waiting room are going to feel.
Hopefully, your insurance covers other providers in your area.
The outlook at this hospital doesn't look good. 

Product DetailsThis white nurse uniform has a classic cut and has a horrible twist.
The red trimmed peter pan collar and puffed sleeves frame bloody handprints and blood splatters throughout.
The skirt has tatters along the hem and a small red cross apron on the front.
The look is topped off with a red cross hat so people will know you're a health official, despite your untidy look. 

Macabre MedicineThis dark nurse costume is perfect for zombie pub crawls as well as Halloween parties.
Make your look picture perfect with accessories like prop syringes, a First Aid purse, and blood splattered tights or thigh high stockings.
We certainly wouldn't want to be subject to your bedside manner.
Still, with a look this chic, you might stir up some serious interest in the local blood drive!

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