Yes!Did you know that wrestler Bryan Danielson has an actual lumberjack for a parent? No wonder this four-time winner of the WWE Championship continues to hold his own in the ring under his stage name, Daniel Bryan!
Take a peek at this WWE Daniel Bryan Kids Deluxe Costume for the little WWE fan in your house.
This dynamite look will have your wrestler eager to test their own moves in the ring.
They might even start their own "yes" chants with their adoring fans (aka you)! Product DetailsDon't worry, this costumes includes WWE-level muscles!
No small, overly-muscular children will terrorize your home in this polyester suit.
Fiber fill in the chest and arms will have your kid kissing their biceps and flexing in the mirror.
The shirt is long-sleeved and features a white T-shirt bearing the wrestler's "Yes!" chant.
The "pants" are designed to look like Daniel's signature outfit, from brief-sized bottoms to dramatic, matching knee-high boots.
No thighs showing here, as the pants include white guy thighs!
This is great for colder areas this Halloween.
The mask has holes for the eyes, so your child can have Daniel's rocking hair and big grin without sacrificing vision. 

Still Kicking...LiterallyDaniel Bryan debuted in wresting in 1999, and 21 years later, the guy is still kicking butt in the ring.
No matter what physical or mental setbacks appeared, Daniel gathered himself, healed up, trained harder, and got back in the ring.
Whether you're a fan of the sport or not, isn't that something to live up to? So when your kid is trying to put you in a headlock, remember that he is learning diligence.
Or something like that.
If nothing else, this child and hero combo will keep you fit and on your toes!

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