Bring Me To Your LiterYou thought you planned for every situation for your Halloween party.
You made sure you had vegetarian as well as gluten-free options on the buffet table.
You spread out protective plastic for the pumpkin carving contest.
You stocked up on safety pins and makeup for costume malfunctions.
And of course, you made a playlist that even the pickiest of your friends wouldn't complain about.
But you didn't prepare the surprise visitor that showed up at your front door.
The visitor was strange.
He glowed in the dark, arrived in a giant circular vehicle of some sort, and seemed rather thirsty.
Or at least, that's what you thought.
He kept asking to be brought to your two-liter.
Unfortunately, you only stocked the bar with cans of soda, so you had to let the poor guy down.
It was a pity that he left so soon, he definitely would have won the costume contest!Product DetailsThis bright, retro mask is sure to add a splash of color to your Halloween decor.
The over-sized Alien mask is molded for a 3-D look.
It's detailed with unsettling viens in the huge brain as well as the eyes.
While there are eye holes that allow you to look through the eyes of this space-age traveler, it's mounted with a hole in the back to make it perfect for hanging. 

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