It's crazy where you can go in the right pair of shoes.
Sure, you might not want to wander across a strange land when you're balancing on five inches but you just might find that shoes with a little more flash will open up a variety of doors.
For instance, have you ever gotten caught outside of the gates of the Emerald City and some guy in a ridiculous hat won't let you in? Well, a pair of sparkly shoes might just be that confidence booster you need to talk your way into the presence of the all-knowing wizard!We wouldn't be surprised to find out that these shoes have what you'll need to get you where you need to go.
As long as that doesn't include walking long distances.
They are quite fabulous, every inch is covered in red sequins.
The toe is squared up with a large shiny bow for the extra classy twist.
So, whether you're wearing these heels with a blue gingham dress or a sassy black number if you feel like these shoes are taking your life up a notch just go with it, they'll always take you home again!

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