Living the life of a nun is very respectable.
It truly takes a lot of self-control and humility to take on such a role.
Not everyone is capable of leading such a life.
We certainly aren’t.
However, we’d still like to pay our respects to these honorable women with a fun, light-hearted costume.
Take a look at this Women’s Flirty Nun Costume.
Toss on this lovely outfit and celebrate a truly heavenly Halloween!This casual take on the traditional garbs of a nun will make you the most popular nun in the party scene.
The costume comes with everything you need for your holy conversion.
Grab a pair of knee-high socks or some thigh highs, as well as a pair of cute pumps to wear with these adorable duds.
Finally, everybody knows that a costume isn’t complete without a handful of fun accessories to carry around.
Grab a set of rosemary beads and be the cutest in the convent or carry a yardstick and be the cruelest teacher in a Catholic school.
Whichever way you play the role, as long as you have this Flirty Nun Costume, everyone will be on their best behavior when you enter the party scene.
No one would dare of offending a lady living such an honorable life!Find a friend to dress up as a priest or in one of our many other nun costumes.
The two of you can enjoy a night of some good ole fashion Halloween festivities while also paying respect to the men and women that give their lives to their beliefs.

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