Missing SomethingIf you’re going to set up a haunted graveyard in your lawn, there are a few things you already know you need.
So, of course, you’ve got them!
The fog machine, the plastic headstones, faux spider webs, and a few fake bones stuck in the ground are already spooking the neighbors as they pass your yard morning, noon, or night.
But, you haven’t gotten the reaction you really want.
You have yet to see anyone jump when they see your elaborate Halloween decoration.
It seems you need one more detail to truly strike fear into passersby.Product DetailsYou need this Animated Pop Up Ghost.
Covered in a gossamer-like cloth and standing up 19-inches while resting this spooky character is ready to help take your haunted display to the next level.
Install 4 AA batteries into the concealed battery pack and watch as the newest member of your graveyard spring to work.
Once powered on this animated ghost’s face glows red while it makes creepy noises and rises to 25-inches tall.Raise Your SpiritDon’t just decorate for Halloween, show your holiday spirit with this Animated Pop Up Ghost!
Whether you add it to your annual yard display or leave it to linger in the shadows of your home, this battery-powered spook is ready to raise a little hell.

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