When you said you got a new best friend everyone was intrigued, except maybe your other best friend, he was just plain put out.
It had been a while since anyone new joined your group to cheer for the Seahawks on Sunday nights.
Well, when Fido first met your crew he wasn't what everyone expected.
For one, the way you talked about him, you can't blame them for thinking that he walked on two legs, didn't have an adorable tail, and could be a competitive member of your fantasy football league!
Hey, it worked out though.
He might not be able to discuss Russel Wilson's last touchdown but he likes those cocktail wieners more than anyone at the party and that should count for something, right? Maybe what Fido needs to really blend in with your football fanatic friends is some gear of his own.
He'll be proud to wear those Seahawk colors as your team is taking on the 49ers.
When he's barking at the TV in this quality jersey you can be sure he's cheering on your team and not just waiting for that Bacon Treat commercial to come on again.

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