Time for TeaThere is something to be said for the classics.
We loved Disney's newer version of Alice in Wonderland, but there is something about the original cartoon that makes us smile.
It brings us back to childhood!
Saturday morning cartoons, peanut butter and jelly, going to school...movies you watched as a kid can bring you back in time.
And in Wonderland, we know that Time can be a very slippery fellow!
You'll never (or always) know what time it is when you wear this Men's Storybook Mad Hatter Costume.
(We were never quite sure how mad he was!)Product DetailsThis costume is based off of the original 1951 film, rather than the newer Johnny Depp version of the crazed tea lover.
The original look is all about yellow and blue instead of purple and red.
And mad or not, this fellow knows how to dress!
Don't worry; we've included all of the details.
The gold jacket and blue diamond vest are actually one piece that close at the front.
The tuxedo front is also included, and the white ruffles, buttons, and massive silky bowtie are all attached to it for easy wear.
We especially love the outrageous cuffs, lapel, and elbow pads on the jacket!
The watch patch is attached as well.
(It doesn't tell time, but we doubt it ever told the right time, anyway.) The pants are included, too.
And finally, the classic top hat!
It comes with a matching ribbon and the mysterious 10/6 card.
The wig is not included, but we do have some similar ones on our website!Don't Be Late!It's time for a very important date!
Whether you are headed to a themed tea party or another costume event, this look has all the mad details you could wish for. 

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