Dia de los MuertosThe Day of the Dead is not a gloom and doom holiday.
Even though it's about those passed, there is an air of celebration.
There is dancing, feasting, and other fun events.
It's not all cobwebs, bones, and black, as Halloween often is.
No, this Mexican/South American holiday is full of life and color!
Are you looking to celebrate this traditional day with some serious flair and style? Then check out this Women's Deluxe Day of the Dead Beauty Costume.
It's got all of the details your color loving heart could ever dream of! Product DetailsWhere to start, where to start? This dress is packed with details!
The red dress itself is long and covered with a black flower and skulls pattern, ending in black lace at the hem.
Deep slits down the sides spice up the design.
The off the shoulder look is easily achieved with clear shoulder straps to keep the dress in place.
Traditional flags for the holiday decorate the neckline.
For accessories, this look goes all out!
The waist cincher features a spine and ribs, as if there is an x-ray in the torso.
Long, black lace trails from the wrist cuffs, each of which is decorated with an orange flower.
To top it all off, there is a multi-colored flower headband.
Finish off the look with your favorite heels or flats!Time to Party!With all this finery, you will be ready for whatever Day of the Dead events you are attending this year!
This look is stunning and is sure to get the attention of everyone in the room.
So straighten your skirts and wear your flower crown with pride, because we know you will win the best dressed award in this striking outfit!
Enjoy all of the festivities!

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