Eerie EnchantmentHalloween is a great excuse to make your home more magical.
You see, this season isn't only about the spooky side of life.
With imagination, every part of the home can be transformed.
And with all the magic getting stirred up, you'll find that friends of all ages are drawn to your door.
Are you planning on hosting a Halloween event this year? Nothing's more fun than a spooky soiree!
From creating a Halloween playlist to fixing mysterious treats for the guests, hosts have options!
Bring attention to your refreshments table with this stunning, whimsical centerpiece.
The glowing and quirky hat perfectly bridges the gap between kooky and elegant. 

Product DetailsThis enchanting witch hat decoration is sure to stir the imagination.
A couple of inches under a foot tall, the hat-like house has unique twists and turns.
Light from the LED bulbs glow through the curved windows.
Powered by three LR44 batteries, this centerpiece can be placed anywhere from a dining room display or next to the candy bowl on your front porch.
With unique flowery details, stars, and a dangling crescent moon, you won't have to worry about this Halloween decoration inspiring nightmares, though you might get a few interesting dreams. 

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