The world of Wonderland is a pretty mysterious place.
Alice's adventure starts in a pretty wild way.
She follows the White Rabbit into his hole and just as she's remarking how dangerous it is to be curious she begins to fall down a rabbit hole with the little cat waving its paw after her tumbling body. 

 This hole is much deeper than possible and lined with bookshelves, mirrors, and clocks.
She even has the time to read a book on the way down.
For a minute long fall it's actually not that scary. 

But there are dark events enough in Wonderland after all Alice has to struggle for land in a puddle of her own tears after shrinking to a miniscule size.
She meets a mysterious disappearing cat (though, all cats could be described this way), the craziest patch of tea partiers you'll ever meet, and we're not sure if we trust those oddly shaped twins no matter how bouncy they might be. 

 This is all to say that Alice easily has a darker side.
This dress is gorgeous with a collage of original illustrations printed on the bodice of the pinafore.
The light blue base of the dress is layered with black lace on the skirt and sleeves.
The dress is accompanied with leggings that feature original illustrations with a darker twist.
We wouldn't be surprised if these become part of your chic kid's regular wardrobe.
Paired with a skirt and boots they'd be pretty rad!
She'll fit right in with the wild and dark side of Wonderland this Halloween. 

After all, we're all mad here! 

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