It's strange how your baby seems to grow so quickly and yet the hours leading up to him learning something new seem to go by so slowly.
When you were waiting for him to learn something as simple as sitting up time seemed to go by so slowly.
Yet, it seems like just yesterday you were excited that he learned to roll over on his own.
However long it takes for him to learn, you're sure your baby will be a champion in whatever he chooses to do.What if you could steal a trope from those classic boxing movies? What if you could skip those long hours of waiting and encouragement and apply a classic montage to your little trooper's life? Cue the inspirational music and prepare your imagination to watch your little baby become a boxer with mad skills in minutes.
While the trumpets blast his own personal theme song you can imagine him going from crawling to walking.
Soon enough he'll be running through the streets of Philadelphia.
The scene will cut to him lifting his rattlers bar bell style and taking swings at Teddy the coach.
Of course it'll end with him triumphantly jumping up and down on the steps of his preschool.This boxer costume can help you imagine your tough little baby's career.
The tan shirt provides Junior with baby's first muscles so there's no doubt that all that hard work in his montage paid off.
The sleeves even include some age appropriate tats.
Coach Teddy can be confident about him facing the ring, the teething ring that is.
Because, no matter what he faces in life, nothing's going to be as tough as growing those ivories in.

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