Did you Know You Didn’t KnowAround Halloween people start to think about what scares them.
One thing that’s always a bit frightening is the unknown.
Like, do aliens exist? If they do, where do they come from? Do the Mama and Daddy Alien love each other very much and ask the Alien Stork for a Baby Alien? All terrifying questions, we know, but some questions have to be asked!It’s a… Baby?This child is approximately 14” long, has a gray complexion, lifeless latex skin, and, awww, would you look at that, it has your nose.
Bring it out with you to all the costume parties or leave it at home for some holiday décor.
It pairs well with a scientist or alien costume and will give off spooky space vibes wherever you place it at home. 

Questions will Invade their MindsGrab your very own Alien Baby Prop and make everybody start to wonder.
Where did this extraterrestrial infant come from? Did you break into Area 51 and steal it? Did it crash land near your home and you’ve decided to adopt it as your own? Did you have an interstellar relationship that ended badly and now you only get the kiddo every other weekend? Prepare for these questions and, many more.

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