Of all the great parts of the holidays, it's the wonderful family traditions that make it such a special and memorable occasion.
Like, the time a few Christmas Eves ago that one of your relatives (you know which one we're talking about) was on their way to your house, and they accidentally hit one of Santa's reindeer with their car!
Rather than forever be known as “The Family That Killed Rudolph”, you all quickly got your stories straight, called up a family friend who's an amateur taxidermist, had some incriminating evidence turned into a festive wall decoration that had “been in the family for generations”...
and thus the mounted reindeer head became a new holiday tradition!Even though no one in your family talks about where this tradition came from (and will deny it if anyone brings it up), you can still honor it by wearing this silly Reindeer Head Ugly Christmas Sweater!
This cozy garment doesn't just stop at knitted designs; it features a plush reindeer trophy and wreath mounted against a brick pattern.
If anyone asks you where you got such a cheerful reindeer head decoration, just tell them it's a family tradition.
And if they still don't take the hint, tell them “the reindeer asked too many questions.”

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