The Biblical BeardEvery Bible story needs a beard.
Can you imagine Moses, one of the biggest figures in religious stories, without a beard? Of course not!
Humans hadn't quite figured out the modern shaving technology we have today, so guys like Moses back then had to cultivate a mighty beard!
Well, now you can cultivate a mighty beard just by wearing this Moses Wig and Beard Set, which will help you look like the man who parted the Red Sea!Design & DetailEven if you can't grow out your facial hair like a classic Biblical figure, you can still have the bristling beard you've always dreamed about!
Our Moses Wig and Beard set is designed in house, by our costume designers.
It comes with a wig that features thick gray and white synthetic fibers.
The wig fits with an elastic-edged mesh cap.
The beard has the same salt and pepper shading.
Put them both on and you get a hairstyle that looks like it came right out of the pages of the Bible.The Hair for Pageants!If you want the perfect look for your next play or pageant, then you can combine this wig and beard set with any of our Moses costumes.
You'll be ready to retell all of the classic tales!

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