Right on TrackWhen Georgie was little he would watch the train go by in his rural town and dream about all the wonderful things the people in that train would see.
He'd pump his fist, and wait for the engineer to blow his horn.
When the horn blew, little Georgie thought he could see, just for a second, the sights and sounds of the cities that the train had been through.
So when Georgie grew up and became George, his next step was obvious.
He was going to become the guy who drove the trains.
He studied.
He worked hard.
He charmed the right people.
And it wasn't long before he was sitting way up high, seeing all the sights he used to imagine.
And as he drove through his old tiny town, he proudly blew his whistle for the kids waving by the tracks. 

Details & DesignThis Made by Us train engineer costume looks like it's straight out of a black and white photo.
Our designers put together a simple pair of overalls with a classic tight vertical stripe.
Little details stand out such as the bib with its variety of pockets.
The overall straps button up to the flap.
The pants even have pockets to keep your costume convenient.
A blue workman's shirt is layered underneath making sure you're looking snazzy.
The look is topped with a striped hat and a red bandana so you'll look right at home waving from the caboose. 

That's the TicketAre you always dreaming of seeing new places? Wouldn't it be nice if you could see the whole world without putting everything on hold? This engineer costume is a great way to get just a little bit closer to this kind of lifestyle.
Pack your bags, in this adventurous look, the country is at your fingertips.

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