A Serious SituationIt can happen at any party.
Everyone is having a good time, playing a few party games, and then the snacks run out.
That's when the party needs a take-charge kind of girl to take control of the situation!
You know, someone who can put together a crack team to safely secure a new supply of snacks from the kitchen—a real SWAT team leader kind of gal!Well, if you think that your girl is just the kid for the job, then it's time to name her team leader!
Just gear her up in this SWAT costume for girls, and she'll be all set to save the party from severe snacklessness, or any other high situation that might arise at the next costume party that she attends.Design & DetailsThis delightful costume is one of our exclusive costumes for girls!
The police-style outfit comes with everything your little girl needs to become the newest SWAT leader!
The costume comes with a dark blue dress that combines the look of a police uniform with a tiered, ruffled skirt to put a cute new spin on the officer look.
The black vest has a tactical look, along with a "SWAT" logo embroidered onto the front and back.
It also features black sequin accents to help accent the dress.
Finally, the black sequin belt fits around the waist.Key to the CuffsOf course, the key to creating a great SWAT look for your girl comes with customization!
Add a pair of sunglasses to the look to give her a professional look, or add a pair of gloves to the costume to really make her look ready for the mission.
Give her a pair of handcuffs and she'll can even detain any parent who tries to intrude on the kid's party!

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