We've heard that it's a fine life carrying the banner.
We wouldn't know, since the internet has pretty much dominated the information market and newspapers are almost becoming a novelty these days.
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to send your kid off to be a paperboy? He could be riding his bicycle to carry the tribune to all the inquisitive minds of the world, making some spare change for a trip down to the candy shoppe (that's how you spell shop in the olden days)!
Of course, we can't go back to the 1920's, or can we...?Introducing this 20's Newsie costume!
It comes with everything you need to turn your child into a street wise paper slinger from the 1920's.
Let's start with the hat, which every young news carrier needs!
It has a classic newsboy style and a checkered pattern that looks like something straight from history.
The button-up style shirt also has a checkered pattern to match the hat and it even has a large collar to mimic the look from the old days.
The checkered vest and pants pleasantly accent the rest of the outfit.
The pants also fit with a set of included suspenders, so they won't fall off while he's rushing through the city, delivering the news!
And every newsboy needs a bag to carry all of his papers.
This costume set comes with a bag, perfect for taking some papers on his next route.
Just make sure you teach him how to sing a few tunes, since he'll want to spontaneously burst into song with his news carrier friends when he's wearing this costume.

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