There are so many Santa Claus costumes to choose from, picking the right one can sometimes take a Christmas miracle.
If you're looking for an elegant look to wear while hosting your winter festivities, our exclusive Santa Claus Sweetie Costume will get you into the holiday spirit!The problem with there being so many different Santa costumes isn't having to search through all the possibilities; poking around on Pinterest and Googling different ideas make it pretty easy to sort through all the types of Santa costumes out there.
The process gets tough, though, when you come across a variety of Santa outfit you'd never even considered before.
It's easy to rule out "sexy" or "extravagant" Mrs.
Claus costumes when you're not throwing a sexy or extravagant Christmas party.
But when you see "pro wrestler" or "ninja" Santas, you start wondering what other kinds you might stumble across, and all of your other plans and decorations get put on hold until you make up your mind!
Sometimes, all you want to do is throw a fun Christmas party without any gimmicks, but you still want to dress up nicely for it.We totally get it, which is why we created this cheerful Santa Claus dress.
It's a yuletide cocktail-style dress for any type of holiday get-togethers you're planning for or heading out to; it's cute, but not risqué, and traditional, but not old fashioned.
Think of all the extra time you'll have to decorate and prepare for your guests, instead of deciding what to wear!

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