A Protected speciesDid you know that leprechauns are a protected species in Ireland? It's true!
Just check under the European Habitats Directive.
And it's a good thing, too.
While these fairy shoemakers are known to cause mischief, it's the kind of mischief we need in our lives.
They will repay a greedy human that catches them with tricks and trouble.
A human that shows them kindness without asking for anything in return might be surprised with piles of gold when they get home.
If you want to take on the mischievous mantle of Ireland's little green men, the right costume is a great place to start!
Now, maybe you don't actually have a pot of gold to keep safe and perhaps you've never fixed a shoe in your life, but you'll look the part when you're looking sleek in this leprechaun costume!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us Leprechaun costume is a lush green that would look just right on the green fields of Ireland.
The in-house designed look features a knee-length coat with gold filigree on the collar and cuffs.
A gold vest and a pair of green plaid breeches are layered underneath.
Cinching it all together, a black belt secures around the waist with a gold belt buckle.
Topped off with a playful top hat and bow tie, this costume is the ultimate look for any Saint Patrick's Day celebration!Paddy's Day PartiesWhen you buy a Made By Us costume, you know that you're getting a costume that's meant to be worn again and again.
If you're someone who takes having fun on Saint Paddy's Day to a whole new level, you'll get years of enjoyment from this look.
Just be prepared.
If you show up wearing this leprechaun costume every Saint Paddy's Day, some people might start to think you've got a pot of gold hidden away somewhere!

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