It is a hard knock life for you parents.
Those kids run amok and make it nearly impossible to keep track of what the heck they are up to.
And, whenever something goes missing from the kitchen’s supposedly secret candy jar or something is mysteriously broken in the living room or that terrible smell is finally discovered to be a long hidden bowl of snuck away ice cream, you know the answer to the question of who performed the act or why it was done!
“I don’t know!” We know that the 5th amendment is there for a reason, but how did those kids learn all about it so fast!?And what is a parent to do? We can hardly send the kiddos off for rehabilitation.
It isn’t like they make facilities for toddlers for that explicit purpose, do they? Do they!?Well… in fact, we do!
And perhaps it is time for your little criminal to make amends to society and serve time for all the antics that the tyke has pulled in these short years.
Start that sentence today with this Toddler Prison costume.
This polyester interlock knit shirt and pant combo are white and black striped just like the old timey prison inmate uniform.
The shirt has an inmate number printed on the front and the pants fit comfortably thanks to prison-tech elastic.
The matching round cap reminds that little criminal why he or she was put there in the first place.
And, just in case you have a whole mob that has time to serve, you can get the uniform in child and adult sizes, too!

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