Top secret leader of crime syndicate renowned across the country much? A-ha!
We knew it.
We knew you were the top gangster running the hooch, the one who makes the Tommy Gun sing like no other, and, of course, the one who's got the big time cabbage from the bank all holed up in the hideout.
If you've achieved all that as a big time mobster, maybe it's time to make a name for yourself and be not so secret? Well, we got a costume for that!Sure you're going to be #1 on the FBI's most wanted list, but when they snap your photo, you're going to want to look like a real mob boss.
Which is why you should definitely choose this Female Gangster costume!
Tapping into the style of all the famous gangsters from the Roaring Twenties, this costume's got the style of a mob boss suit cut for women, and with all the costume details that matter.Yeah, we made and designed this costume, and let us tell ya, we're not running no small time operation.
We're the tops after all, we're!
And we made this costume with the style to impress.
Soft polyester woven fabric replaces the chalk stripe wool that would have been worn back in the day.
Suit jacket, pants, and a dickey shirt front complete this ensemble, and you can pick out your favorite gangster hat to complete the look (sold separately).
When you choose this costume, you'll be ready to start planning your heist.
Make that Tommy Gun squirt metal!

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