TIMES IS HARDRumor around Fleet Street is that Mrs.
Lovett has a pie shop. 

it isn't a dessert locale. 

Until recently, it was more like discarded cuts from the butcher's alley were thrown into a blender and somebody just prayed that it would turn out okay. 

It never did.)  Apparently, the smell even chased away all the cats from the neighborhood!  But, apparently, things have turned around for Mrs.
Lovett's Pie Shop. 

Lines are going down the street. 

The bouquet is gripping!The rest of London is in a flurry as they attempt to figure out what secret recipe is at work for those magical meat pies. 

Does it have something to do with the new tenant upstairs?  Maybe it is just the stirring of love that has inspired the heart of our frazzle-haired lass. 

No matter what the truth may be about those delicious pies, folks are dying to get ahead in line to be served up a plate!  Time to try and find out exactly what the secret is!  DESIGN & DETAILSHelp discover the rarest ingredients at Mrs.
Lovett's Pie Shop — or make sure the secret stays undisclosed!
— when you spend a glorious evening as the cohort of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street in this Sweeney Todd's Mrs.
Lovett Costume. 

This officially licensed look was personally designed by our own in-house team who barely came back alive. 

(They were so stuffed with pie!)  The look includes a pair of fingerless lace gloves and a black corset with front boning and back laces. 

The floor-length skirt has an elastic waist and ruffled hem; the blouse has 3/4 sleeves and a lace-edged neckline. 

Complete the look with Lovett's iconic hairdo (wig sold separately) or pair up with a Sweeney Todd for an evening of sinful delights. 

SOME BARBER PIEIf you're going to become a real success with the new recipes, you always have to keep at least one hiding up your sleeve. 

Let's just say that your time as Mrs.
Lovett might last a little longer if you are ready with Barber Pie in mind.

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