You’ve been enjoying your summer home in Long Island for weeks all season, but the days are growing shorter.
It’s almost time to head back to the city.
Still, as much fun as you’ve had walking the beach and going to town with your girl friends, there’s one thing that has been missing—one item on your list you never got to check off: a party at Jay Gatsby’s mansion.Everyone knows about the mysterious billionaire who throws wild parties nearly every weekend.
There are all sorts of rumors: he’s a war hero.
A bootlegger.
A genius.
A scoundrel.
A hopeless romantic.Well, tonight you’re going to see for yourself.
After all, Gatsby opens his doors to any guest.
You don’t need an invitation; you just need to show up.
And tonight you’re going to.But if you’re going to party with the Great Gatsby, you’ve got to do it in style.
The man is rich enough to stock his mansion with only the best money can buy, and his guests are some of the area’s most prominent figures.
You’ve got put on a good showing, too.The best place to start is with this Vibrant Silver Flapper Dress.
No stylish flapper could be seen partying in anything less.
The sleeveless pullover tank dress has a scoop neck edged with silver sequins, while the elongated bodice has a solid lining covered in a semi-sheer sequined overlay for extra glitz.
The dropped-waist skirt is perfectly on-trend for the Roaring Twenties, with two tiers of fun fringe over a sequin knit base layer.
To top everything off, there’s a silver sequined headband with a tuft of white feathers.
As soon as you slip into the Vibrant Silver Flapper Dress, you’ll be ready to party like it’s 1929!

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