Stop Harping MeYou're not one to follow all the rules.
Sure, there are certain guidelines that you can follow every once in while.
You're not going to cut in line at a bakery or anything, you're not a monster.
But you're also not one to simply stay on your cloud and play the harp until you're called to give glad tiding to some chick on earth.
No, you're too restless for that!
So maybe Saint Peter caught you climbing the Pearly Gates so you could free fly at midnight.
And maybe you got into a little trouble.
But at least the big guy didn't send you down with that guy, Lucifer.
Instead, you became a dark angel.
You no longer bring glad tidings.
Your duties have more to do with the underside of the business.
The big guy sends you to trip up bad guys when they're about to do bad stuff.
And yes, sometimes you also slit the bad guy's tires as well but God expects that you're a dark angel after all!Product Details & DesignThis Made-By-Us dark angel costume stands out with luxurious draping and details.
Our in-house designers peppered this ensemble with layering and lace.
The top has a black lace overlay with ruffles along the keyhole neckline.
The sheer sleeves have plenty of drama, the forearms drape from the elbow with lace around the hem.
The skirt is heavy with an uneven hemline that's a lot of fun while dancing.
The sparkly halo hooks onto a headband and the black wings slip on your shoulders.
Slip this dark angel costume on and you'll be doing macabre good deeds in no time. 

Every Time a Bell RingsAre you ready to get your wings? Make your dark angel look complete with a dramatic wig and fishnet tights.
You don't have to act like an angel to be holy.
Heavenly has never been so cool!

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