The intrigue, the flash, the drama!
And, dare we forget to mention the fashion that walked the perfect line between classy and exciting!? Remember those exciting times of film noir of the jazz clubs of the Roaring ‘20s era Chicago and feel the style and energy as the talent of their flappers leaves little competition.
And, what could be better than becoming a famous dancer yourself than helping your little one make the mark first!?She can be the jazz queen on the scene, even if she might still be learning the ins and outs of the Charleston.
And, while she probably shouldn’t be visiting any of the speakeasies, there are still plenty of jazzy places to help really get that star shining and get her ready for a life on the stage!
This Child Red Fringe Flapper Costume is a great retro themed costume for girls and ideal for dance recitals.
Pick up the long beads and the feather boa to complete the stylish 1920's look, and she'll be ready for all of the action!Even if she’s not quite ready for the complete limelight, there’s no reason she can't start looking the part of a throwback lady when she goes in this costume.
Signature details on this dress costume bring the styles of the Roaring Twenties back to life!
Sequin accents provide a touch of high class elegance, and the classic fringe accents means that she'll have the dazzling look whenever she's practicing her dance moves.
Get her this fun style for a themed party or just for some costume fun at any old time.
If your whole family gets in on the throwback fun, you might just be having a great blast from the past for your group adventure!

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