Read all about it!It might not be such a bad idea to get a second job as a newspaper boy.
A little extra cash in you pocket (very little, but more than nothing).
Maybe you'd just like to relive the glory days, when you were a paper boy.
Riding your red Schwinn, the one with the baseball cards flicking on your spokes (we still love the "fthfthfth" sound it makes), rain or shine to earn a little pocket money.Newspaper boys, have largely been marginalized.
Probably, because they were young and didn’t have a whole lot of money.
But you could change that.
When you get your job as a newspaper boy, don't forget to form a union!
That way no one can overlook you again.
You could ride up to the meetings on that red Schwinn (after you fish it out of your mom's dusty basement), wearing a Tweed Newsboy Hat (just so they know you mean business).
You won't just be delivering papers, you'll be making headlines!

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