Phantom Wig



Let’s be real: Even dead girls care about their hair!
Even though you might have passed from this world into the next (or, you know, the one under this one…you know more about that than we do, though, so…) you can still be a fatal beauty (get it?) no matter what dimension you happen to be roaming in!Thus, might we advise that you transform into a captivating corpse with this Phantom Wig? Made of 100% synthetic hair, it's white with black highlights, ensuring that it'll go perfectly with whatever clothes you happen to be killed and buried in!
It's even styled with bangs, keeping you looking modern even after you've been gone from this mortal coil for hundreds of years.
Slip this Phantom Wig onto your decaying skull and every ghosty ghoul within a hundred miles of this humanoid vortex will want to stop and ask how you manage to still look so drop-dread gorgeous even after you've dropped dead!

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