Wrestling RoyaltyIf you're a fan of viral videos then you'll definitely remember the sensational Stone Cold E.T!
Disguised in an E.T.
mask and gray hoodie, the video shows a man pulling up to a White Castle drive-thru demanding cheeseburgers while impersonating the one and only, Texas Rattlesnake.
While intimidating the White Castle worker for a bag full of fresh sliders, Stone Cold E.T.'s voice sounds uncanny to the pro wrestler's.
In fact, it makes us recall all the instances Steve Austin got into the ring and unleashed a vicious tirade of insults upon Vince McMahon.
It's an awesome video and if you haven't watched it yet, then we definitely advise you to get on Youtube immediately.
Stone Cold E.T.
became a viral sensation in 2012, but unfortunately, there hasn't been a successful Stone Cold impersonator since.
The world needs another Stone Cold E.T.
which begs the question: could the next amazing Stone Cold impersonator be you?We should warn you that pretending to be the disrespectful beer-drinking wrestler won't be an easy task.
If it were, the world would be crawling with tough guys who speak in a southern drawl.
In your free time, you're going to have to work on your Steve Austin impersonation, but currently, we can hook you up with a costume that will at least have you looking like the former Heavyweight champ's stunt double.Product DetailsThis Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume for men consists of a faux leather vest featuring related insignia, elastic waistband blue shorts, a pair of wristbands, black knee pads, and a goatee.
Go ahead and pair an E.T.
mask with the look so Stone Cold E.T.
can make a comeback.
Avid Youtube watchers will be overjoyed to receive that notification! Stone Cold CostumeWhether you hit the ring or hit the party, this Stone Cold Steve Austin costume will transform you into certain wrestling royalty this Halloween!

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