Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. 

 The best leaders don't crave power but when the time comes for them to take the lead they are ready with fire and fury.
It's not easy to be Queen.
The throne doesn't come to those who wait in a tower, endlessly braiding their long locks as they wait for someone to save them from their dragon captor.
Oh no, the throne waits for the maiden that holds the reins of said dragon and uses its might to achieve her will. 

 Will you sit on the throne? The dragons won't do all the work for you.
You have to be cunning, taking advice from the right people and seeing through the lies of those who would lead you astray.
Then again, your dragons will do a lot for you.
You'll be able to patrol your land via reptilian wings.
And when people see your children's might do you think they'll start up the rebellion again? Huh, we didn't think so either. 

 This Halloween, become the powerful queen that's burning inside of you.
In this gorgeous blue gown you're sure to keep a cool head, whatever hot situation you find yourself stepping into.
It has two slits up the sides to be hopping on your scaly steed easier than ever.
The sheer cape will make your dramatic entrance memorable and paired with a long platinum wig everyone will know that you're the young queen everyone's been talking about.
Some people are born great, others are born with the blood of dragons! 

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