legendary celebrationIt's time to celebrate, Bavarian-style!
Dust off your beer stein, throw some bratwurst on the fire, and get ready to dance and feast!
Even someone who knows absolutely nothing else about German culture has probably heard of the annual festival of Oktoberfest.
It's the sixteen day celebration of beer, food, music, and having fun.
It really does sound like the happiest place on Earth (as long as you don't go overboard, that is).product detailsIf you want to feel the Oktoberfest spirit as badly as we do, this Beer Garden Girl Costume for women will at the very least psych you up for whatever festivities are headed your way!
The one-piece dress is styled to look like a skirt, blouse, and corset.
How convenient!
The corset-style bodice has a brocade ribbon trim and satin ribbon lacing.
Anything pictured other than the dress, apron, or pettiskirt isn't included, though, so be mindful of what you need to celebrate in complete style!accepting guests?Each year, when it's getting close to festival time again, someone in every group of friends around the world inevitably suggests that they all go to Oktoberfest.
If you've gotten to go, you are super lucky, and if you go regularly...
can we go with you next time? We'll be on our best behavior, and we promise, we're lots of fun!

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